What is an AI Chatbot?
AI Chatbots provide instant access to your Services & Promotional Offers in Different Languages 24/7/365 days!


Ready to Accelerate Your Business with AI Chatbots?You've heard about normal Q&A Chatbots, but what about an AI Chatbot that provides instant access to Services & your Promotional Offers in Different Languages 24/7/365 days!Did you know that when you have a Chatbot on your website, people tend to hang around longer, because they will be using the Bot to ask questions. This will help Google to rank your website higher on Search Engine results!You will be getting an Unfair Advantage over others who are clueless about using ChatBots on their website!Now, my Team and I, are happy to offer our AI Chatbots, to do the heavy lifting so you can spend more time, on what really matters - your clients. Start Enjoying Your New AI Assistant.Check out the video below:


Introduction – Who am IRitasBot was started by me, who completed the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in the United Kingdom.Having been a professionally trained Business Manager, involved in all aspects of running a successful company, I know that one of the fastest ways to grow your business NOW, is by creating AI Chatbots, an absolute Game Changer for your Business!I believe in the power of constant Education and Investing in Oneself. Thus, I completed the following Online Courses and have my own YouTube Channel: Health BuddyCourses Completed:# The Next Generation Video Creation Courses by Paul Ponna.
# Matt Parr’s Online YouTube Mastery Course.
# Liam Evans Chatbot Mastery Course.


# Customer ServiceImagine having your own fully trained AI customer support agent working to help your customers who visit your website 24/7/365.Our platform supports around 95 languages. You can import your data in any language and users can chat in any language.It can take care of multiple conversations at once and can do the job of several people to a high standard and in line with your brand.# Sales AssistantYou have the ability to change the skill set of your chatbot into a talented salesperson who not only helps customers with any questions they might have, but also assists in the sales process.Imagine how your sales will grow when you have a highly skilled salesperson dealing with all of your chats quickly and efficiently, 24 hours a day!# Personal AssistantOnce you've uploaded all of your data, in the form of any website, PDF, file or text, you can talk with your chatbot and ask anything you want to quickly find the answers you're looking for.It's like having Chat GPT at your fingertips, but it specialises in just your business and your needs.# Onboarding and TrainingOur chatbots are perfect to help onboard and train new employees. From day one, newcomers will feel a sense of belonging and clarity, all thanks to this efficient helper that knows your business inside out.New employees get up to speed faster, reducing the time and resources traditionally spent on lengthy training processes.# Automatic Lead Collection and EmailsYou can request contact details from your chatbot users and send out emails on your offers.


# How secure is my data?We use all the best security practices such as, including no credentials directly in code, secure OAuth2 mechanisms and both platforms used to store your data are SOC2 compliant for security.# How can I customise my chatbot?Customize your chatbot with your own avatar, text colors and chatbot bubble to match your own branding. Latest edition is a musical note when chatbot appears on website.# Does your tool store chat history for me?Yes, we securely store your chat history. You can access all chat interactions in the History section of your bot control panel. We are also developing features to provide valuable insights based on this history.# What type of content can I use to train my chatbot?We support a wide range of content types. Our built-in crawler can quickly navigate through your entire website and extract all text content. We currently support importing of text, sitemaps, PDF, DOC, DOCX, CSV, XLS files, Google Sheets and YouTube video URLs.# What platforms do you integrate with?We work with over 5000+ different apps by utilising our Zapier integration. We also have our own WordPress plugin.# What is a message credit?Each individual response that the AI chatbot provides consumes a message credit. However, each language model uses a different amount of message credit per responseGPT-3.5 & Claude 1.2 = 1 Message CreditGPT-4 Turbo & Claude 3 Sonnet = 10 Message CreditsGPT-4 = 30 Message CreditsClaude 3 Opus = 30 Message Credits# Can I use my customer chatbot in a language other than English?Yes, our platform supports around 95 languages. You can train your bot in any language, and your users can interact with it in any language.


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